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Self-Service Carwash


What sets apart touchless container car washes?

  • Low Operating Costs: Drawing from our extensive experience, our goal is to minimize maintenance and facility supply costs, as well as media consumption.

  • Payment Security: Additional technological solutions safeguard the cash stored in the technical room, ensuring secure transactions and minimizing the risk of theft or break-ins.

  • User-Friendliness: Self-service container car washes are designed to be user-friendly and require minimal maintenance procedures.

  • Safety: We offer touchless container car washes equipped with a range of security features against vandalism and break-ins.


Control Panels


In our offering, you can find control panels in two options: Premium and Standard. Both versions stand out for their modern operation, functionality, and user-friendly interface. Below, we present the key differences between the two types of control panels.



  • 14-inch Display: The larger screen provides better readability and convenience during panel operation.
  • ∅22mm Piezoelectric Buttons: These buttons are durable and easy to use, enhancing the usability of the control panel.
  • Compatible with Novitus and Elzab Fiscal Cash Registers: The Premium panel is ready to work seamlessly with reputable fiscal cash register systems.
  • Option to Equip with Nayax or OTI Payment Terminal: This option allows users to make payments for services directly through the control panel.
  • Canopy and Side Illumination: Additional lighting improves visibility and adds to the aesthetic appeal of the panel.



  • 7-inch Display: The slightly smaller display still ensures readability while being more compact.
  • ∅22mm Piezoelectric Buttons: Standard buttons are durable and reliable.
  • Compatible with Novitus and Elzab Fiscal Cash Registers: The Standard panel is designed to function with renowned cash register systems.
  • Option to Equip with Nayax or OTI Payment Terminal: Similar to the Premium version, the Standard panel offers the capability for direct payments.


The ultimate choice between the Premium and Standard panels depends on your specific needs and project budget. Both versions provide modern and efficient solutions for operating and managing your devices or services with ease and convenience.